In the early 1900's a small group of people seeking for the message of the Gospel to be brought to the people of then Port Arthur, began holding meetings in the rented facilities of St. Paul's United Church at the corner of Secord and Waverley Streets.

Rev. Stevenson, an evangelist, along with his wife, came to pioneer the work.  Pearl McAlister came to join this team as the pianist along with Elsie Grierson who came as Deaconess.  The four of them shared an upstairs of a house on Court Street.  From those humble beginnings, came the congregation of Elim Pentecostal Assembly.

Many Pastors came to give leadership over the years.  Rev. W.J. Davidson was the official first Pastor of Elim.  Rev. Horace Robinson, Rev. Kulbeck, Ms. Florence Tucker, Mr. David Giesbrecht, Rev. W. Taylor, during his tenure, the property on Red River Road was purchased and a new building erected.  Rev. Donnelly, Rev. A. H. Stiller, Rev. Jack Duncalfe, Rev. Peter Penner, Rev. Vernon Taylor, Rev. Harry Wilker, Rev. Walter Fowke, Rev. Jack Hunka, Rev. Roy Kemp, and in recent years, Rev. David LaRiviere.

It was during the time of the latter, that Elim then located on Red River Road, sold their existing building, and attempted amalgamation with another local congregation.  This failed attempt left Elim limping and looking for future direction.

It was in January of 2001, that Elim extended the call to Rev. and Mrs. John Churchill, former Missionaries, to come and direct the struggling work.

Since Pastor and Mrs. Churchill came to Thunder Bay, Elim has changed name to Elim Community Christian Centre, acquired property on Black Bay Road in Current River, rewrote the Vision statement of the Congregation, and is now growing to become one of the vibrant Congregations in the City. After the leaving of Pastor and Mrs. Churchhill, Mr and Mrs. Bernie Cormier took over leadership. Currently Pastor and Mrs. Kevin Peltomaki have taken over Lead Pastor of Elim.  We now have changed our name to Refreshing Waters Community Church Inc.

We are proud of our heritage, and continue to believe that God will bring "Thunder on the Bay", as Revival comes to Canada.

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